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Again at the Techno Classica

Techno Classica Essen This year we are back at the Techno Classica in Essen.
You can find us 21th to 25th March in Hall 2 You are invited to join us at stand 313
We look forward to your visit.

Your carburetter better than new?

General work of reconditioning General restoration includes chemical and mechanical cleaning, exchange of all wearing parts, bright plating of ferrous parts, professional assembly and a final, thorough control of all parts. After final specialist fitting, you will have a better carburetter than as it left the assembly-line. Carburetters will normally be offered in exchange, when on stock.

Can you do mine too?

See the archive It´s possible to restore nearly all types of carburetter, but I specialise in SU, Solex, Stromberg, Zenith and Carter up to about 1975 and air valve bodies.
I don`t touch Weber (see www.vgsmotorsport.de) or japanese Carburetters (except 240 and 260 Z) and do not sell small spares. To be on the safe side, please check the archive or the pricelist.

How big is it?...and what´s yours like?

Left: Zenith 56 DC, Centurion tank, 28l. V-12 Motor, 820PS, weight 12,9kg.
Right: Walbro, Chainsaw, 42ccm, 1,3PS, weight 0,125kg..

In your area soon?

My Schedule Why don`t you stop and say hallo if you see me at my stand at one of the big exhibitions or auto-jumbles? You can see where I am next by checking the feature file.

Workshopcam and Live-Aid

LIVE Aid Have a look in my tiny workshop - live. It is also possible to give you hints and help with a similar carb out of my stock. Visit my Workshopcam.

The press is impressed

Publications in magazines Several specialist magazines (german speaking-area) have printed articles about my work, including technical tips. Of course it`s possible to download these, but they are only available in german language.

References talk for themselves

References Still a bit unsure? Then take a look in my reference-file. Not only private-drivers, but also marque-clubs, racing-firms and manufacturers entrust their work in my hands.

An englishman in Hamelin

About me I`m an Englishman and have lived for many years in Hamelin, specialising in the restoration of carburetters. If you want to know a bit more about me, click onto my personal-file.
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