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Parts not available anymore?

Sometimes it's not possible to get hold of the necessary spare parts for old carbs, so the only option is to have them re-produced.
On this site you can see a selection of parts that I have produced myself or have had them manufactured. Δ Back to Top

Reproduction parts

Pic Type
Wire-mesh filter
PicPic AVB
Solex - 35BFL
PicPic Pallas
PicPic Pallas SA4
PicPic H4
modification Riley special
PicPic Porsche
Inlet funnel
PicPic Solex
IFFK Float
PicPic Solex
IFFK-FFIK piston
PicPic Daimler-Benz
Metering cap
PicPic Stub
Stack (only SU 8 series) Rainer Jordan, 0049 2132 911363
PicPic SU
HV5 wine-glass dome
PicPic SU
PicPic various
Small parts
PicPic various
PicPic various
fuel line
PicPic various
choke linkage
PicPic various
filter set
PicPic various
welded part
PicPic various
Choke housing
PicPic special
Bleeding container
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Redressed Float

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Float dented
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Float de-soldered
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Dolly for dressing
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Straightened top
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Final result

Case studies

regarding site Reports

Pallas SA4 Lloyd 1908

"...The original carb was made of die-cast zinc which had broken down metalurgically over the years. Also the other pertinent parts were in very bad condition, so the only option was to make a complete new carb....."

Marvel carburettor Buick „Serie 60“ 1930

"...It was only possible to completely reproduce the carb as it was manufactured to fit the inlet manifold and mechanical linkages and it was not possible to use a standard carb from another manufacturer ..."

Special Cases

Do you have any parts in bad condition or other parts that are causing headaches? Contact me and we will find a solution. Δ Back to Top

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