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SU Carburetters

Restoration Work

Jaguar E-Type - 3 HD 8 Jaguar E-Type - 3 HD 8
All SU carburetters function by the same principle, and similar work is carried out to all of them. They are reconditioned as on General Work, but several other jobs are also done, particular to constant-vacuum types.
The dashpots are turned-down (which gives a perfect flat surface), highly polished and timed.
HD series are fitted with patent, low-wear bushes with integrated "O"- Ring that guarantee air-tightness. These bushes are nearly double the width of standard ones , and are produced out of a special phosphor-bronze lead-alloy.
A free set of syncronisation tools, gaskets and bottle of dash-pot oil is supplied with every set-up.

Before - After

Aston Martin DB4 - 2 HD 8 - old Aston Martin DB4 - 2 HD 8 - old
Aston Martin DB4 - 2 HD 8 - reconditioned Aston Martin DB4 - 2 HD 8 - reconditioned
Take a good look at the before and after Aston Martin DB4 2HD8 set-up. Yours could be like that, too.


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